Researched and compiled by Vignesh Rajendran
Edited by Mitha Nandagopalan

This project originated in a quest to identify potential partners for peace-related projects. That quest shifted shape, but we kept the kernel of the work and expanded its scope to include all SAARC member countries.

We started with the question, “Which women’s organizations work on peace?” But given that feminists define peace as far more than the cessation of conflict and hostilities, the term was hardly a filter. After all, peace is also empowerment, engaged citizenship, good governance, sustainable development and a free flow of information and expression. As we identified organizations across a spectrum of activities, we began to tag them with ‘keywords’:

  • Peace and conflict transformation
  • Women’s rights and empowerment
  • Capacity building and community mobilization
  • Governance and policy advocacy
  • Gender, welfare, relief and sustainable development
  • Information and communication

The keywords are simply intended to help in our search to identify resources and partners, not to narrowly define an organization’s work in any way.

The directory is the product of a desk-based Internet search. It is organised into country-specific volumes and a consolidated South Asia volume.


We invite you to email us with names and website addresses for organizations you think should be included. Email us at [email protected].

This project is located at the intersection of two Prajnya initiatives—Politics, Security and Women and Education for Peace.

January 1, 2015


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