The Visitors' Programme at Prajnya


The Atithi Programme follows from Prajnya’s commitment to collaborative and cooperative learning and research. We invite scholars and practitioners working in areas relating to our initiatives, who have funding and who would like to be affiliated with a research and public education organization during their fieldwork period, to write to us.

Affiliation with Prajnya at present brings logistical help, help with research planning on the ground and engagement with our research and public education activities. The Fellowship affiliations do not have a financial component or a specific residency period.

Politics, Security and Women Initiative

The Prajnya Resource Centre on Women in Politics and Policy is envisioned as a centre for documentation, archives and research relating to women’s work and experiences in the public sphere. Saakshi Fellows are affiliated with the Resource Centre for the duration of their project.

Dr. Linda Racioppi, Professor of Comparative Cultures and Politics and International Relations, Michigan State University joined Prajnya as the first-ever Saakshi Fellow in 2011. Her research project is a study of gender politics and development strategies in post-emergency (post-conflict and post-disaster) situations. An anthology of academic and field-based articles on gender in post-disaster contexts, edited by Dr. Racioppi and Swarna Rajagopalan, is a product of this project and has been submitted for review.

Learn more about Professor Racioppi here.

Scholars and practitioners working on gender violence-related projects will affiliate as Shakti Fellows with the Gender Violence Research and Information Taskforce @ Prajnya. Their fellowship work might entail research and writing, programme development or development of advocacy materials and modules.

Divya Bhat, our first Shakti Fellow, a student of Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam spent two months with us in 2013 while she did her fieldwork on how medical institutions and health care practitioners in Chennai provide care for victims of rape and sexual assault. She has since defended her thesis and graduated.

You can read a blogpost based on this research here.

Education for Peace Initiative

Peace activists, teachers and education scholars working on practical and academic projects relation to peace education will affiliate as Shanti Fellows with Prajnya’s Education for Peace Initiative.

Creative artists-in-residence

In the future, we hope to host creative artists—writers, visual and performing artists—as Srishti Fellows at Prajnya. Exploration, reflection, learning and expression are not the preserve of a few media or formats. We look forward to a day when Prajnya’s space will see a lively conversation between scholars, practitioners and artists on matters relating to peace, justice and security.

What do the words mean?

Saakshi – witness; Shakti – power; Shanti – peace; Srishti – creation.

To learn more, email us.