What is gender violence?

We understand gender violence as any form of violence physical, sexual, verbal, economic, emotional, psychological - that is directed at an individual because of her/his gender. Violence against women is the most pervasive form of gender-based violence.


Three reasons:

  • In the five editions of the 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence, we’ve seen for ourselves the need for a concerted, sustained programme on gender violence, one that extends beyond advocacy and activism.
  • We’ve witnessed a growing community interest and involvement in this effort and interacted with an increasing number of people with whom this issue has resonance.
  • We often complain that gender violence is brushed under the carpet or cloaked in secrecy - maybe, if we create the platform, there are people who will talk about it?


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GRIT Processes

GRIT Processes are outreach programmes and processes that we create or facilitate for different groups of people, on a demand basis.

Read more about what we do here.

Community Café

This is an outreach
activity, where
neighbours and friends
sit together over
a cup of tea
to discuss issues surrounding gender violence.
More information here.

If you and your neighbours are interested in hosting a community cafe, please email us.

Prajnya 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence

Since 2008, the 16 Days Campaign is the focal programming point for GRIT, drawing together activities and processes initiated year-round. Read our 2013 Campaign Report.

Hollaback! Chennai

In November 2011, Prajnya launched the Chennai chapter of Hollaback!, a global initiative to end the silence around street sexual harassment.


Prajnya seeks to fill the gender violence research gap, through sustained year round gathering, analysing and dissemination of data on different forms of gender violence.

Read our flagship Gender Violence Report.