A single-location clearing-house for quantitative, qualitative and archival data on women in politics and policy-making.

We envision a public sphere in which women's work is visible. Our mission is the creation of a comprehensive, continually updated, publicly accessible resource centre on the participation of women in the politics and policy structures of South Asia.

The Prajnya Resource Centre on Women in Politics and Policy seeks to fill the gap created by scattered and unsystematically compiled information in this field. There are several components to this project:

  • The creation of a statistical database which will compile salient statistics and lists of women in politics and policy-making.
  • A series of oral histories and life-stories of individual women who have played a pivotal part in politics and society.
  • A user-generated visual archive of photographs of women participating in the public sphere.

These will be supplemented over time by the collection of other archival materials. In addition, our vision for the Resource Centre includes a good library on the subject and we hope that our efforts will encourage individual women in public life and their families to regard our Centre as an appropriate repository for their papers and photographs.

Women's history is a key component of the Prajnya Resource Centre's research agenda and we have organized two series of roundtable presentations of women's history-related research.



The LifeStories interviews, reach out to women to document their accounts of their lives and work in the public sphere and in the context of public events.

We have done both video and audio interviews, and photographs from these are placed in the Prajnya Archives.

Saakshi Fellow

Prajnya's first visiting scholar, Linda Racioppi is Professor of Comparative Cultures and Politics and International Relations at Michigan State University (MSU) where she also serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships in the University’s Asian Studies Center.

Read more about our Atithi Programme here.

Between 2008 and 2011, Prajnya celebrated International Women's Day with an intercollegiate quiz that places the spotlight on the achievements and concerns of women in South Asia.
This paper reviews the nature and working of women’s organisations in Chennai, as a lens to the Indian women’s movement. It includes a brief overview of the course of the women’s movement in the country and a detailed description of the activities of 20 organisations currently working towards women’s welfare in Chennai.