The 2009 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence
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“Gender Violence in India: A Prajnya Report” draws on available data on the different forms
of violence against women to highlight the magnitude of the issue, underscoring the need
for more systematic monitoring and gathering of data related to crimes against women.(pdf)


A Prajnya Listing
of Chennai Support Services
for Women in Distress

English Version, A4 Size (PDF)
Tamil Version, A4 Size (PDF)
Tamil Version, A3 Size (PDF)

Released December 9, 2009
Day 15 of the 2009 Campaign

2009 Campaign Coordinator: Anupama Srinivasan

The focus of this year's campaign is on facilitating substantive conversations between professionals, creating learning processes and opening up spaces and platforms for debate and self-expression.
We are reaching out to students, corporates, doctors, nursing students, field activists, the media and the public at large.
Public health is a focus area for this year's campaign.
Our programs include:
1. Workshops, roundtables and symposia for students and professionals;
2. Multimedia avenues to give voice to what people think;
3. Spotlight on providers of support services to victims and survivors of violence.
Our programmes merge form and content innovatively using theatre, poetry, literature and art to further awareness of gender violence.
We are working in partnership with a wide range of civil society, professional, media and educational organizations.

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